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Expectations In Trading

Expectations In Trading - Trading Videos
Having realistic expectations in trading and setting achievable goals will help you become profitable. Watch these trading videos on expectations and see if your expectations are realistic.

Trading Risk Management

Trading Risk Management
In trading Risk management is an essential element of success. Here you will find videos about risk management in trading. If you ask successful traders to tell you the most important key to success they will all agree there are several. However, risk management is always at the top. Without it a trader will usually blow out his or her account before they can figure out the other elements of trading. Even if you get lucky with a string of winners and grow your account the streak will end. When it does, the market will likely take it all back and more if you don't practice good risk management.. Learn this lesson early by watching these videos and do your best to avoid blowing up your trading account.

What it Takes to be a Successful Trader

What it takes to be a successful trader
Professional traders talk about what it takes to be a successful trader. When we start out we think learning to trade looks easy. The truth is it takes work. Lots of work. Like any endeavor in life, no one is born knowing how to do it. You have to want to learn it and be persistent at looking for the right information. You must then apply the right knowledge over and over in the form of deliberate practice. When we learn how to ride a bike we do it because it looks fun and all of the other kids are doing it. Then we get on and fall over. We get back up and do it again. Why? Because the bumps and bruises are worth the potential reward of eventually riding around with our friends and having fun. You have to determine whether the potential reward of being a winning trader is worth all of the bumps and bruises the markets will inflict on you as you fall down over and over.

Trading Mistakes

Trading Mistakes
Identify your trading mistakes and correct them before they become habits. This is critical to your success. Watch videos of trading mistakes and bad habits posted by professional traders. Use this section to identify your bad habits and mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Set a goal to make fewer every day. Eliminate your mistakes in trading and increase your chances of becoming a successful trader. Once they become habits they will become difficult to eliminate. Write them down when you make them and it will help you not to continue making the same mistakes over and over. At the end of each trading day review them and vow not to make the same error again. If you simply cannot stop making the same mistake, It has probably become a habit and needs immediate attention.

Trade With the Trend

The shortest route to profitably is to trade with the trend. There are professional traders who are experts at counter trend trading. They have many years or even decades of experience. If you are trying to become profitable put the odds in your favor by trading with the trend. Inside you'll find videos of ways to identify the trend and get in sync with it.

General Trading

This section contains recorded webinars and videos that can be helpful to traders of all skill levels. Videos contain general information about trading including risk management, discipline, psychology, etc.


This section contains scalping videos and recorded webinars. These videos are not intended to teach you how to scalp. Rather, they are here to give you an idea of the timeframes of your trades. They are to help you decide if you have the quick decision making skills, focus and discipline it takes to be a scalp trader. If you have a slow internet connection you can rule out scalping immediately. Speed is everything in a scalpers world. Delays can get you bad fill prices, missed trades, etc.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading
This section contains swing trading videos and recorded webinars. These videos are not intended to teach you how to trade. Rather, they are here to give you an idea of the timeframes of your trades. They are to help you decide if you have the patience, focus and discipline it takes to be a swing trader.

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