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Your Guide to Trading Success

This free trading book, The Path of a Retail Trader, is a step by step process to learning to trade. It describes the path that took years to go from a complete trading novice to a profitable trader. The aim is to help you achieve this goal in months rather than years.

Introduction to Traders Info Hub

My Mission with Traders Info Hub is to help you succeed in trading as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.  TradersInfoHub will expedite your learning process by providing a roadmap to things that are known to work and providing a learning sequence or plan. I spent six years and lost $50,000 before I finally found a methodology I was comfortable with and could trade profitably. I spent thousands of dollars on systems, “special proprietary” indicators and useless information. Wasting years in my quest for a “can’t lose” system, I was looking for all of the wrong things.

There’s so much information on the internet that it became confusing and overwhelming. There’s a lot of great information out there but it’s difficult to find. Much of it is scattered amongst useless noise and get rich quick schemes. I was wandering aimlessly from one failed system to the next. I always believed I could learn how to trade but didn’t know who I should listen to or what pieces of the puzzle I was missing?

My vision for Traders Info Hub is a place that eliminates all of the scams and useless information. A place traders can come to find reputable trading mentors, tools that work and only the best resources. At members can learn and experiment with different trading styles without being taken advantage of by get rich quick schemes and unscrupulous vendors. We do our best to ensure that all of the resource providers at Traders Info Hub share the common goal of helping traders above all else.

Why I built Traders Info Hub

I built a site for traders that I wish was available to me when I started trading. This site is not going to give you a secret trading strategy and tell you’ll make millions. Rather, it is a directory to help you find what trading style fits you. It will show you how to get started trading and learning inexpensively. Study and learn from various free trading courses. Link to and work with proven, professional trading mentors that teach a methodology that fits you with specific edges that work. Additionally, TradersInfoHub shows you the best trading podcasts, trading videos that have helped me and tools that work. Link to the best trader discussion forums and websites that I have used and learned from. You’ll find trading journals, help building a trade plan and many other resources.

Mindset is one the most important keys to succeed in trading. I seriously underestimated how crucial it is early on. So I’ve built a psychology section with videos, links to articles, and some of the most well known trading psychologists.

Be willing to learn and do the work and I truly believe this site will significantly shorten your learning process. Save yourself from wasting years and thousands of dollars struggling to find the next piece of the puzzle.

Thank you for visiting I look forward to providing you a process for learning and only the best resources to help you on your journey.

Happy Trading!

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Free trading book learn to trade
Your Guide to Trading Success

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